Hey everybody!

I’m pleased to announce the beta release (2015-2-2220) of the NUIA RealSense Edition which is available at!

With this first beta version the following applications behave the NUIAway:
- Adobe Reader XI
- Apple iTunes
- (via Firefox)
- Google Picasa
- Microsoft PowerPoint
- Windows Explorer
- (via Firefox)

What does this mean?
NUIA adds gesture and voice control to these apps, as well as the NUIA Lean Back Mode, which lets your computer automatically adjust the content based on your position in front of the screen. More detailed instructions can be found in the NUIA Quick Tour and in the NUIA Help pages available via the NUIA Tray Menu.

It works on any RealSense equipped device with the Intel RealSense SDK R3 and the Intel RealSense Depth Camera Manager 1.2.

We hope you like it and appreciate any feedback on the build!

Have fun using your computer the NUIAway!