Hey everybody!

I'm pleased to announce an updated version (2015-2-3007) of the NUIA RealSense Edition which is available at! If you already have installed an earlier version of NUIA, it will automatically find the update and offer to install it.

What's New?
- Installer: Now using Qt Installer Framework instead of NSIS.
- Installer: Improved install and uninstall process.
- Installer: Now checking for installed DCM version and displaying a notification if a not supported version is detected.
- Installer: Now checking for installed Intel Realsense runtime version and installing runtime if necessary.
- NUIA Menu: Improved hand control.
- NUIA Menu: Bugfixes and improvements.
- NUIA Menu: New colors for all NUIA items.
- NUIA Menu: New show, hide and transition animations.
- Improved start/stop process of NUIA and improved start and stop behavior of all NUIA plugins.
- Improved thread and memory management in NUIA plugins.
- New NUIA icons for apps and installer.
- Added third orange NUIA Traymenu icon which is displayed while NUIA is starting.
- Improved settings and about page GUI (Currently accessible via "NUIA Update..." in the NUIA Traymenu).
- Added option to enable/disable a connected device.
- New GUI for NUIA Quick Tour and it is now only displayed once when the computer is started.
- Added new NUIA Help application including a new NUIA Menu to control the Help application.
- Bugfixes and improvements for the NUIA Context Monitor.
- Improved stability of NUIA Realsense Hand and Head tracking plugin, as well as detection algorithm to trigger NUIA Menu.
- Improved overall software quality.
- Bug fixes and improvements for Lean Back Mode, Youtube extension and Facebook extension.
- Bugfixes and improvements for Picasa.
- Bugfixes and improvements for Adobe Reader.
- Added support for Adobe Reader DC and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
- Added support for Microsoft Outlook 2013.

We hope you like it and, as always, appreciate any feedback on the build!

Have fun using your computer the NUIAway!