Hey everybody!

I'm pleased to announce an updated version (2015-2-3118) of the NUIA RealSense Edition which is available at! If you already have installed an earlier version of NUIA, it will automatically find the update and offer to install it.

What's New?
- Improved hand detection on lower framerates, and showing framerate in NUIA Components log when triggering the NUIA Menu.
- Improved lean back detection.
- Added newest Intel DCM version, which is distributed through Windows Update, to supported versions (
- Added eyetracking support.
- Added a System and Search Windows NUIA Menu.
- Added Z order of NUIA Menus. By moving the open hand towards the camera the underlying NUIA Menu is shown and when moving the open hand away from the camera the NUIA Menu above is shown.
- Now showing the name and icon of the active application on the lower side of the NUIA Menu.
- Added keyboard trigger to show the NUIA Menu (long press on right shift key).
- Now drawing on top of Windows Metro Applications.
- Added speech commands to open the NUIA supported applications.
- Added System-Wide help to every Help Page.
- Bug fixes and improvements for the NUIA Support Menu.
- Bug fixes and improvements for the NUIA Firefox add-on.
- Bugfixes and improvements for
- Bugfixes and improvements for Adobe Reader.
- Improvements for the NUIA Quick Tour (now using the new Qt Webengine).
- Improvements for NUIA Help, better readability on large or small screens.
- Modalities and features can be turned on/off in the NUIA Settings and added a "Restart NUIA" button to the settings page.

We hope you like it and, as always, appreciate any feedback on the build!

Have fun using your computer the NUIAway!