Hey everybody!

I'm pleased to announce an updated version (2015-2-3641) of the NUIA RealSense Edition which is available at! If you already have installed an earlier version of NUIA, it will automatically find the update and offer to install it.

What's New?
User Interface
- Completely updated the overall look of NUIA Menu, NUIA Overlays and NUIA Notifications
- Added support for high DPI screens

Lean Back Mode
- Improved recognition of user position with RealSense cameras (especially with the SR300)
- Added responsive mode (default) for a more reactive triggering of the Lean Back mode
- Increased the font size in notifications
- Added support for Picasa
- Added support for

- Noticeably improved the accuracy of control pointer
- Added a blacklist button to the "Fallback Menu", which prevents the NUIA Menu to be triggered with the currently focused application
- General improvements and bug fixes

NUIA Extensions
- Added support for
- Added support for Qt Creator

NUIA Browser add-ons
- Added support for Google Chrome
- Improvements and bug fixes for Firefox

NUIA Notifications
- "Yes, NUIA" to trigger "almost recognized" voice command can now be said up to three seconds after the notification faded out

NUIA State Indicator
- Added hand state next to microphone level and user position

Intel RealSense Plugin
- Added support for RealSense SR300
- Improved notifications when checking for the installed RealSense DCM version
- General improvements and bug fixes

General improvements and bug fixes (NUIA Help, NUIA Components Log, NUIA Tray Menu)

We hope you like it and, as always, appreciate any feedback on the build!

Have fun using your computer the NUIAway!