Hey everybody!

I'm pleased to announce an updated version (2015-2-2363) of the NUIA RealSense Edition which is available at! If you already have installed an earlier version of NUIA, it will automatically find the update and offer to install it.

What's New?
- Fixed issue of quick re-opening the NUIA Menu right after closing the NUIA Menu
- Improved stability of button triggering in NUIA Menu
- Improved button layout for several NUIA Menus
- Fixed issue that NUIA Quick Tour animations did not start again if navigation point was manually selected
- Help Page notification is not displayed again, if application related dialog was closed
- Improved robustness of the hand tracking / recognition
- Several minor bugfixes
- General improvements of performance

We hope you like it and, as always, appreciate any feedback on the build!

Have fun using your computer the NUIAway!